Sunday, April 24, 2016

Too Many Adverbs

This weeks blog may sound like a rant! You might want to stop reading now if you LOVE to use any of the above words in your writing.

Yes, I'm talking about 'ly' adverbs. In a six month period of time, I've stopped reading two books because of the overuse of adverbs. One book, published by a traditional publisher, surprised me because I figured an editor would catch this and ask the author to show the emotion, not tell. The more recent book was an independent author. Either way their overuse of adverbs turned me off and made me stop reading the books. Something no author wants.

If you catch what I threw in the last paragraph, 'ly' adverbs TELL they don't show. Here is a telling sentence: She walked gracefully across the dance floor.

Let's get rid of the adverb. She glided across the dance floor. Her gown skimmed the high-glossed dance floor with each quiet, confident step she took.

Better? Did I manage to show how graceful the woman walked?

It's okay to use 'ly' words when writing your first draft, but during revisions they should be a huge indicator that you need to rewrite the passage showing the action or emotion.

Here is another example: He angerily left the room. That is telling. Here is a fix showing how an angry man leaves a room.

He stomped over to the door and swung it open. He spun on his heel, stuck out his neck like a venomous snake ready to strike and fixed his narrowed eyes on me. He backed from the room leaving the door swaying on it's hinges. A boom echoed down the narrow apartment hall and I knew he'd put his fist through the wall.

Do you continue to read a book filled with 'ly' adverbs or is it too distracting?

Sunday, April 17, 2016


Okay, I have one more You Tube video to share with you. This was a book club in Colorado. Their book club meets at 11 AM which is noon my time. Because I work a day job, I had to decline their invitation to actually meet and speak with the club.

As luck would have it, I ended up taking the day off because I broke a tooth, but guess what. My appointment to have it fixed was: NOON!

At any rate, Angela, did a terrific job. Here is the link if you'd like to watch!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

What Do You Do?

I've been working on a new project and keep coming up will all sorts of ideas for different projects!

I write down every idea that I get and jot other notes if something else comes to me then with strict discipline, I keep working on the original project.

Why? Because that is the only way to complete a project. You must stick with it.

This phenomenon of creativity usually happens to be at a beginning of a novel because the first three chapters are harder for me. Once I get the plot set up, it's smooth sailing for me through the middle to the end.

Does this ever happen to you? If so, how do you handle it?

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Back At It!

Yep, here I am again!

Are you thinking, hmm... isn't one of her yearly goals keeping her blog up? It is! But I decided to give myself a quarter of the year off. Why? I run out of blog ideas. Does this happen to any other writers out there?

So, today, I'll fill you in on what I've been doing as a writer. I accepted another short, short story assignment So I've been writing and revising those stories. I also accepted an adult short story assignment that had a tight turn around time, but managed to get it written, revised and in on time.

I started reading a craft book on writing a mystery novel and following the exercises. I'm happy to say, I'm half way through the book and I have a rough draft of a synopsis and polished first chapter of a cozy mystery. I like both and am very excited about this project.

I had a novella release in a collection in January. The book has nine stories total and a book store in Indiana chose it for their book club. One of the other authors in the book arranged for all of the authors in the collection to speak to the bookstore. How fun was that? I had an awesome time interacting with the readers. You can view my presentation here:  We are interacting with another bookstore in Colorado however they meet during the day and I'm not available to speak with them. This video will be shown instead.

This is my second You Tube video interview. Here is the link to other interview if you have never seen it:

Or just pull up You Tube and search my name.

I have registered and made reservations to attend the RWA Annual Conference in San Diego. I'm really looking forward to it!

I think that is about it. Tell me what's going on in your life!