Saturday, May 16, 2015

Read, Read, Read

As you know, I had the wonderful opportunity to be a presenter at a conference in April. The organizer's had a terrific and unique idea to have authors sit at a table and allow participants to approach them with questions that the participants might be too nervous to ask in front of others. I was asked a variety of questions and thought I'd cover a few in my blog in the upcoming weeks.

The main question people asked was: What is the best piece of writing advice you can give me?

I have two answers for that question. I'll cover the first answer in this weeks blog. It's something I've written about numerous times.

Find a good book on the basics of the writing craft, read it, believe it applies to you (because it does!) and utilize the information for your own work.

If you are on shoe string budget, go to the library and see if they have any books about writing (the only caveat here is to make sure the copyright date is timely. Something from the 1970's doesn't apply to today's markets.). Take an afternoon and spend in a book store perusing the various writing books on their shelves. We all learn differently so chose the best book for you. Not the best book for me or your writing buddy or even a best selling author whose blog you follow. If you want to write for children, you need a book with advice and tips about writing for children not a book about how to insert red herrings into your manuscript so you have a successful mystery book. If you're interested in writing short stories don't buy a book about writing a breakout novel.

In my opinion if you are a beginning writer, you need a general book about writing that includes how to format a manuscript, information on query and cover letters, and how to find/submit to publishers.

The best book about writing I've ever purchased and read only cost my $5 on sale at a box bookstore so don't forget to nose around those bargain shelves on your pursuit of a book about the writing craft!

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