Sunday, May 24, 2015

And Read Some More!

This post is the second answer to the question of my best piece of writing advice. Last week I said to read craft books. Read craft books on the basics of writing and on your chosen genre. This week READ is the same answer only with a little variation.

Read books in the genre you are writing. Read books from the publisher you are targeting. Again, like last week if your budget doesn't allow you to purchase twenty books a month (wouldn't that be nice?), go to a book store or library for this research.

Again, the disclaimer, if you are at the library reading a mystery or romance written in the 1990's, you can' use that book as research. The books you read must have a current copyright dates. Why? Lines close, lines change, techniques change. Romance used to be in the heroine's view point only. Now they are roughly 50/50 of the hero/heroine's view point. Children's books now handle tough situations, like gangs and sexuality, subjects that were tabu in my youth.

So set aside an afternoon or two or three to read, read, read your chosen genre. This will help you plan YOUR book to meet what the publisher you are targeting wants to publish.

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