Sunday, March 8, 2015


Well, I finally heard back from Harlequin on the remaining books in my rodeo series. They will not be released under the Love Inspired line of books. So...I'm back to the drawing the board!

This doesn't mean that Love Inspired editors won't consider other book ideas from me, it just means, they aren't interested in this series. I really liked this series and the occupations I chose for the heroine's since all of the hero's were rodeo calf ropers. Maybe someday I can recycle those story ideas.

For now, though, I'll put them in my story idea file and start working on one of my new story ideas! The unfortunate thing for me is I would have had a book release every six months. Now, after my April release, Reclaiming the Cowboy's Heart,  I won't have another book release until early 2016, which is a novella in compilation with other authors.

By the way, Reclaiming the Cowboy's Heart, is available for pre-order and if you are a Goodreads member, I'll be hosting a giveaway next week, stop by and enter!

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