Sunday, February 8, 2015

Unfinished Business

A pastor delivered a sermon at a funeral I attended this week about how when most of us pass away we leave unfinished business.

Maybe it's repairing a relationship, maybe it's a project we were working or maybe it was simply work left on our desks to complete following work day.

It really was a wonderful sermon and, as usual, I applied it to my writing. Granted all writer's have many stories ideas that they never get time to write, but those aren't what I'm thinking about. My thoughts went to people and their dreams. What they say they really want to do if they only had the time or the money.

Many people tell me I work too hard, do too much because I hold down a full-time job while perusing my writing career. I don't work full-time and write full-time because I'm a workaholic. I do it because writing is my dream. The income from my writing will not pay all the bills so I compromise and work a day job. Why? Because I will do anything to make my writing dreams come true.

My dreams of writing will not be unfinished business for me. For all of you who are dreaming of someday doing traveling or writing or finishing your education or whatever your hearts desire is, do it NOW. Take action, NOW. Don't let it be your unfinished business.


  1. Rose, you are so right..I pray tonight's not my I have at "least" three major projects to finish!! Guess I should first work on the project that is due next Then the one that's due in 3 weeks and finally the one that's due in 3 months. Then I'll start all

    Blessings my busy, gifted and organized friend,