Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Book Parade - Day 9

Okay so this book isn't a Christmas themed book, but hey, it is about a gingerbread man which always reminds me of Christmas!

The first time I made gingerbread cookies they were so hard you had to dunk them in milk or coffee or something in order to snap off a bite. Since then, I've perfected the dough, but not the icing. I don't have a steady hand or artistic flare or whatever you need to make the cookies look pretty.

Do you like gingerbread cookies? Have you ever made them?


  1. I make gingerbread, but not cookies. And I had a Gingerbread Man book, but it wasn't your Richard Scarry version. (And I don't have a knack for making gingerbread houses, either!)

  2. I've never tried a gingerbread house...I prefer making it like cake and serving with whipped cream.