Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Book Parade - Day 3

Here is a treasured favorite of mine. My mother gave me this for Christmas in 2000. It's a compilation of three of Louisa May Alcott's stories.

The first, and longest, is The Quiet Little Woman.  It is a novella about an orphan girl who wants a home for Christmas. The next two stories, Tilly's Christmas and Rosa's Tale, are lovely short stories.

This book was published by Honor Books in 1999.

The reason that I treasure this book is three-fold. Louisa May Alcott is a favorite of mine. It was the first Christmas without my dad. And now mom is gone too, I read the inscription in her handwriting and it happys my heart.

Do you have a treasured book and why?

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  1. That is a nice reminiscence. I have a lot of treasured books, but none that have that much significance. Thanks for sharing, Rose.