Sunday, November 9, 2014

Remembering Thanksgiving

"Thanksgiving is a forgotten holiday." I hear this a lot anymore from various people. So for the next three weeks, I'll share a picture of my Thanksgiving decorations. This weeks picture is of the centerpiece on my dining room table.

I have three decoration groupings for Thanksgiving. No, not nearly as much as my Christmas decorations. And to be honest, I have some Christmas shopping done, I'm ready to listen to Christmas music and put up my Christmas decorations.

But here is something else you need to know, I'm not glossing over Thanksgiving. I just try to be thankful every day of the year. Even on stressful work days or disappointing days, I'm thankful that I have job, home, food, family, well you get the drift.

And another fun fact about me is: I think about Christmas all year and it has nothing to do with 'the commercialism' of the season. It's because it's the day we celebrate Christ's birth.

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