Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Answer Is....

Horse snow shoes!

I had never seen a pair of horse snow shoes. The horses are wearing them in the picture, which was probably hard to see on the blog.

I love finding little gems like this while visiting museums.

Although I've advertized this on Facebook, I haven't put any notification on my blog. The Kindle edition of Sweet on the Cowgirl is on sale for $1.99. Have no idea how long it will be this price and I'm sorry to tell Nook users, it's still regularly priced for you.

I'll be spending my Labor Day weekend cleaning house and working on a proposal that's due on September 15th. I hope your is more exciting than mine!

Wishing you all a safe Labor Day.


  1. How interesting! Thanks for teaching me about horse snow shoes!

  2. Rose..that was so interesting , I had never heard of them before either.

    Enjoy your cleaning weekend!