Saturday, August 16, 2014

Cute Meets

"Cute Meets" is the term used in romance novels for the way the hero and heroine meet. I have to admit that even before I was a romance author, I had an interest in how couples met or their 'cute meet'. Plus the question, 'how did you two meet?' is a GREAT conversation starter. As a disclaimer,I've never used anyone's story of how they met as a cute meet in any of my novels....yet!

What is the point of this blog? Because in the proposal I'm working on for Lassoing the Cowboy's Heart (working title), I think I have a good cute meet even better than the cute meet scene in The Widow's Suitor, which was my favorite.

And actually, all of the above writing was just a ploy to ask my readers: How did you meet your spouse or significant

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