Saturday, July 12, 2014

Reader Preferences

I know this post is probably redundant. I've asked the question many times before to readers. Do you prefer to read an actual book or an ebook? Do you read ebooks on a Nook, Kindle, your computer or a tablet?

If you prefer reading ebooks, it's it because you can adjust the font on your device? Purchase books from the comfort of your own home and have them downloaded for instant reading? The deep discounts many publishers give on ebooks make it attractive to readers and gives you a chance to try new authors or genres with very little risk?

Why do you prefer print books? Habit? A more aesthetic experience, touching the crisp or soft pages or the slick book cover? The smell of the paper and ink when you open the book?

I read both print and ebooks. I have a Nook and I have a Surface for ebook reading. I don't really know if I have a preference other than reading a print book in the car makes me car sick yet I can read from Nook without any problems at all.


  1. Do I read ebooks? Do I read hard copy books? Do I read on a variety of edevices? Do I read wherever I go? YES! :)

  2. Rose..I like both. I have Kindle on my I products. Usually, I'll read a book on my iPhone if I'm out somewhere! Doctors offices etc. at home I love the original book. Nothing like holding a good book in my hand. And I really enjoy old books that are not available in other formats.


  3. I very seldom read a physical book, these days, although I will pre-order a hardcover copy as well as a Nook Book, when purchasing a book written by a "cannot live without forever" author. I buy epub editions from B&N and independent sellers. My allergic reactions to paper and ink (especially newly printed stuff) have worsened over the decades, and over the past 5 years interfere with my eyesight, and I do a lot of reading on my laptop and desktop computers because of the larger screens. (I do not do business with Amazon companies, and so do a lot of business with B&N.) Came across Lilies of the Field and enjoyed it a lot. Thanks much for the good read!