Saturday, May 10, 2014

Getting Back into the Routine

I'm doing it. I finally getting back into a rut!

I know, I know. Most people don't want to be in a rut, doing the same thing day after day is boring to say the least. However, the BEST gift a write can give themselves is following a routine or getting into a writer's rut.

On Palm Sunday, I fell and broke my kneecap which threw my entire life's routine out of whack. It was a good thing, I was letting my rough draft rest before I started revisions or that I wasn't close to a deadline because the last thing on my mind was actually writing. I always thinking about writing, but there was no way I could put a string of words together the last two weeks of April due to pain in my back and knee.

By May 1st, I was feeling better and ready to get back into my writing rut. So I started revising one chapter a day. I'm happy to report I am staying on track, catching mistakes and improving sentences in my manuscript. It feels GREAT!

If you are writing for publication, you need a writing routine. Yes, some days it will feel like a rut, but it is necessary to complete and improve your stories. Everyone's writing routine will be as unique to them as their voice in their manuscript.

I'm not a morning person. My writing routine happens for thirty minutes of my lunch hour, in the evening after work and weekend afternoons. Do you have a writing routine?

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  1. Rose, so glad to hear you are healing and back in your writing rut! You are right--routines--set schedules--are so important for getting writing done! Evenings, sometimes just an hour, are what I can manage right now. Keep the edits going!