Saturday, May 3, 2014

Always an Adventure!

That is how I feel about book signings! I enjoy doing them and am glad book stores host them, but you just never know how they will turn out.

I feel my book signing in Chicago was a success. I had two books left on my table when the signing ended and due to my difficulty in walking and the location of the conference book store, I never went back to see if those two copies sold. Here is a picture of my signing table. Isn't the poster that Harlequin sent neat?
My book signing today was slow to start. One person in the first hour stopped at my table. I'm not kidding! The second hour picked up with friends, family and yes, strangers who are readers stopping by, some even purchasing the book! Barnes & Noble in Sioux City made the event very special by reading the back cover blurb and announcing my location over the loud speakers. In addition, I received a complimentary coffee of my choice from their café and a water. It turned out to be a very fun event.


  1. Congratulations, Rose! And a very lovely picture!

  2. Great photo..sorry it was so slow, and that we were unable to attend! But happy for your second hour!! And hey...a free Starbucks? Would never complain about

    Blessings my friend,