Sunday, February 23, 2014

Altering Goals

If any on you read my latest "Breaking News" post, you know that I'm now under contract again and I will have to adjust my yearly goals because of this wonderful, wonderful news!

Now, I didn't include any of the books in this proposal in my yearly goals. Why? Because if they weren't picked up by my editor, my agent would have continued to submit them to other publishers and I, of course, would need to come up with a fresh proposal. I've been writing and submitting for over 23 years now and the first thing I learned was not to pin all of your hopes on one manuscript.

I've know authors who work and rework the same manuscript for years and years trying to get published and they actually balk at the idea of putting it aside and working on something new. That is not the way to get published in my opinion so any proposal's I have out are not listed in my yearly goals. It's much easier to alter my goals than to keep submitting a manuscript that no one wants to publish.

So, two of my yearly goals were to develop another series of books. Those are the two goals that will be altered or moved to next year while I fulfill my contract. I will keep them in the back of my mind because sooner or later I will need to pull another proposal together.

I ran across an article recently about author's business plans. My first thought was I have to read this article and see if I can use any of the ideas. Do you know what I discovered? A business plan is nothing more than setting goals to achieve in the coming year. Who knew? I've had a business plan in place for my writing for many, many years. It is what propelled my output and helped me garner more publishing credits.

The year is still 'new'. If you have set goals or developed a business plan, it's not too late to get started.

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