Saturday, January 4, 2014

2013 Goal Recap

It's 2014. Can you believe it? Where did 2013 go? For me it went by in a blur, but was filled with good things.

If you've been reading my blog very long you know it's time for me to publically recap 2013's writing goals. Next week, I'll post my 2014 writing goals.

So I set five goals last year. Here they are and my progress:

Work up a proposal for rodeo themed book in an anthology with a group of authors. I did this. We submitted and the publisher wasn't interested in contracting a group of authors. Since we submitted to my editor, she asked me to work up another proposal around my book, but completely different from the group. I did manage to get that done by the end of December.

Write chapters two and three of a historical manuscript. I did this because I received a contract on another historical along with a blind contract. I turned the manuscript for this story in on December 15th. I will release in August 2014 and is titled Sweet on the Cowgirl.

Keep my blog up. I believe I was pretty successful with this goal, although I am down to posting once a week.

Write a rodeo themed cozy mystery. I didn't do this goal.

Write a historical romance with a chapel car theme. I didn't do this goal.

I did complete two full books last year The Widow's Suitor which releases in February and Sweet on the Cowgirl which releases in August in addition to a full proposal for a four book series.

I feel I did very well with my goals and had forward movement in my writing career. How did you do?

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