Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Day Late and a Dollar Short....

That's how I'm feeling....cliche!

I'm wondering do other writer's feel this way? I worked on manuscript edits and received several comments about the use of 'heart hitched' as cliche in a romance novel. Hmmm....I didn't even realize it. But I promptly changed it!

While I'm writing I do really try to watch over used cliches like the one in my title. I try to come up with fresh comparisons that fit the theme of my novel, but occasionaly, I slip up!

So readers, does reading over used cliches take you out of the story?

Writers, do you find yourself editing out tired cliches in your novel?

I hope you leave a comment but remember, they're moderated so they won't immediately publish.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Contemporary vs Historical

Since I hit the send button in June, submitting my very first historical manuscript to an editor, I been holding my writer's breath. Did I have what it takes to write a historical novel? After all, I'm the gal who constantly says: God placed me in the right era with air conditioning, running water, sewer systems. You get the idea.
I hadn't subconsciously placed contemporary elements in the story, had I?

Thursday, I found out. Two...I had two areas that might not have been appropriate in historical context. One was easily fixed with one sentence, which helps the reader see the hero is falling in love with the heroine. The other took several lines of text to turn the scene around to a match making event. It was a scene that I was trying to develope intimacy without using a kiss or hug and I think I still pulled it off. Will my editor go for it? I'll know on Monday.

Overall, I had less editing comments to address in the historical than any of my contempory novels. This makes me more confident in preparing the prosposal for the my second historical due in December.

As a reader I tend to read contempories but am always pleasantly surprised when I do read a historical.
Which do your prefer? Contemporary or Historical?

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Festival of the Book Presentations!

I received my schedule for the Festival of the Book. I'll be giving a morning and afternoon presentation on Saturday.

The morning presentation is titled, Ready, Set, Goal and all of my children's writing friends have heard this presentation before. Anyone who knows the writing side of me can attest to my firm belief in setting goals to move your writing career forward.

My afternoon program, Inspirational Romance: The Faith Factor, is about adding the faith thread into your romance stories and the variance in publishers from heavy use of faith, like quoting Bible verses to a lighter hand, your characters following Christian principles.

If your in the Deadwood, SD on September 22-24, stop into the Festival. There is truly something for everyone!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Reader Reviews

All writers are readers, but I have to admit that as a reader, I've never posted a review on Amazon, Barnes or Noble or any other book purchasing website. Mostly because I've never thought about it.

As a writer though, it's so much fun for me to check out the online bookstores and see if anyone has posted a review for any of my books. Now, I only have two that are available for purchase on those sites, but it's still fun.

I've noticed since Barbour listed the ebook of Lily of the Field for $0.99 in May, I now have six reviews for that title, which also means that marketing move works. Books sell!

So, I have a few questions for you today.

Do you post reader reviews online? If so, what sites?

Do you write to publishing houses telling them you like certain books?

How often do you purchase the $0.99 books that publishers offer?

Feel free to answer any or all of these questions, but remember, I was forced to moderate my blog so your comments won't show up until I approve them.