Sunday, November 17, 2013

Writer's Tools - Part 12

Time! Time is essential in building a writing career. If you are serious in your persuit of writing as more than a hobby then you'll need to devote time to it.

You'll need time to write your rough draft, time to let your work sit so you can revise with a fresh eye, time to revise, time to revise again, time to read books and magazines on your craft, time to revise again, time to jot new ideas that are EVEN better than what you're working on, time to revise again, time to review markets, time to follow blogs or twitter feeds, time to get your manuscript ready for submission. Time to start a new project.

That sounds like you'd need more than twenty four hours in a day! And how can you do it if you do work the 'dreaded day job'? Well, you just manage it. But you do need to remember, are your writing dreams more important than that movie from your childhood on television this afternoon? Is it more important than the china painting class your friend wants you to go to? Is it more important than frittering away an afternoon window shopping at the mall?

I bet you answered YES! to all of those questions. So if you aren't making time for your writing....START.....NOW!

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  1. If I didn't have to sleep, I'd have a lot more time! Thanks for this post, Rose. :)