Sunday, October 20, 2013

Writer's Tools- Part 10

Another tool a writer needs is other authors. Yep, we all need to be around like minded people so if you haven't joined a writer's group, I suggest that you do.

I'm not really talking about a critique group, but a group of writers who gather together to share ideas, successes, disappointments, marketing news, research tips, well the list can go on and on. The group I belong to is through the ACFW. About every other month we get together and visit a location that can help us with our research. We take short road trips or discover interesting museums in our own back yards!

We always enjoy a meal or desserts together and that's when we 'hash' over our writing careers. This group has beginners, mid-listers, best sellers and seasoned professionals. We all take a turn telling what we are working on or what we plan to work on, how our books are being received. Everyone there is supportive and not competitive in any way.

A group like this is something every serious writer needs. If you're not a part of one, do some research and find a group. Keep in mind through, not every group is right for you and that's okay. Just keep looking until you find one.

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