Saturday, September 28, 2013

Writer's Tools - Part 8

This week's topic might be a stretch on the title. I'm going to talk about author pictures. All writing books will tell you that you'll need a professional head shot. Although this is true, it's not always something you need in the beginning. I say this because the road to publication can be a long one and we all age, change our hair color or style, lose and gain get the idea.

It is my belief that your professional headshot should LOOK like you...NOW....not twenty years ago. Is anyone laughing? I've ran across this several times searching for an author at a writer's conference or book signing....and I didn't even recognize them because they looked nothing like their picture. So, I will update my headshot as often as I need because I want readers to recognize it's me behind the table at a book signing!

Feel free to share your ideas on this topic.

Here are some pictures of me presenting at Festival of the Book.

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