Saturday, September 21, 2013

Writer's Tools - Part 7

I'm writing my blog from beautiful Deadwood, SD where I was a presenter at the South Dakota Festival of the Book.

That's my blog topic for this week-presentations.

Writing isn't just about, well, writing. Once your published you have to promote your work. One way to do that is through presentations at writer's conferences, book festivals, woman's groups, men's groups, schools, church organizations, libraries. You get the idea. Anywhere you can get your name out or your books name out to the public.

What to present is up to you. Today I spoke about goal setting and how to put 'inspirational' into a romance story. Many authors tell their story about the road to publication, putting a 'can do' spin on it, some authors talk about their process, many explain their research techniques while others simply read excerpts of their work.

Does standing up in front of a group of people make you sweat? Just remember YOU are the expert at your presentation. Most people will not argue or question you about your content. They may ask questions, but that is entirely different and shows your presentation was effective and they were paying attention.

Writer's do you do presentations? Readers do you like to attend presentations?

Please leave a comment, but remember they are moderated and I'll be traveling a good portion of the day tomorrow so they won't appear immediately.

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