Saturday, September 14, 2013

Writer's Tools - Part 6

Research is this week's topic. Most people assume that only non-fiction or historical fiction writers have to do research. That's not true.

If you are writing a contemporary romance, women's fiction or cozy mystery, you are going to need to research something. Maybe the setting, an occupation or police procedures.

The internet is a HUGE help for little things like the temperature in the Maine during the last two weeks of July or how to run a floral business. But some of the old tried and true sources for research can add further depth to your manuscript.

Start with books on you subject. Check them out of the library or purchase them is your budget allows or block off an afternoon to visit a bookstore, grab a coffee and hunker down in a chair with a book about your topic.

Take the opportunity to visit the area/occupation you're writing about. Most people are happy to talk about their occupations. You can plan your vacation destination to your book setting location.

Find an expert in either area and talk to them, asking them questions specific to what you are using in the plot of your book.

My favorite jumping off place for research is books. What's yours?

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