Saturday, August 24, 2013

Writing Tool - Part 3 1/2!

Since I'm having trouble posting to blogger from my laptop, this blog is in continuation of last weeks blog.

I was on a writing retreat last week in St. Ansgar, Iowa. It's a lovely small town with just the right amenities for a writing retreat. Most of my time was spent in the smaller house, however I spent one night in the main bed & breakfast at the Blue Bell Inn. It's a lovely Victorian and all of the rooms are decorated to a theme in a children's book. I stayed in Plum Creek and have never seen so many old issues of that book!

Now, for me a retreat is different than a writing conference. I use a retreat to actually get work on a manuscript accomplished. THAT is the focus of a writing retreat, brain storming a book, working on a proposal or rough draft, polishing up a finished get the picture you're away from your normal routine or responsibilities so all you do is focus on your writing.

I managed to add over 4200 words to the rough draft of my contracted book. To be honest, I'd planned for more, but my editor asked me to tweak a proposal that I also worked on during that time.

Now, if you can't afford to go away for a retreat, there are ways to accomplish this at home. Chose a weekend and notify your family that it's designed for your writing. Cook meals ahead of time or plan to use your crockpot for meals or better yet, order in!

If you think you'll be disturbed or distracted at home, chose an alternative place to actually write, a coffee shop, the library or even a park.

This was my first 'retreat' away from home. It won't be my last! Have you went on a writer's retreat either traveling to on or at home? Please feel free to share your experience.

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