Saturday, August 3, 2013

Writer's Tools-Part One

I plan to blog in the month of August about various tools that writer's, whether they work a day job or not, need to further their career. The first being trade magazines.

When I started writing in 1991, there were many trade magazine's for writer's. Sadly in the time I've been writing, I've seen many of them fold, change hands, or take on an entirely different format. The later happened to me right after I'd renewed for two years. (Sigh)

I realize that magazine's have to have something for every type of writer so I know there will be articles about screening writing or poetry that I'll skip. I do enjoy reading interviews with other writer's because there maybe tidbits to help me further my career. Sadly, I do not enjoy just reading an article that highlights the writer's celebrity.

So when my subscription ran out to my last writer's magazine subscription, I went on the prowl for a new magazine that would fit my career better only to find...there are only about three choices.

Now, the two writer's organizations I belong to publish magazines specific to their membership, which I love, but I also like have a feel for non-specific genres. Needless to say, I went back to my stand-by magazine, Writer's Digest to fill that need.

In my opinion, writers need to read trade magazines to keep up on trends in publishing that could effect their careers.

What do you think? Do writer's magazines help you learn your craft or inspire you in any way? What do you think to see in a writer's magazine?


  1. Writer's Digest is the only one I read that's non-specific. I continue to find it extremely relevant and helpful. The main problem is finding the time to read it. :)

  2. The time to read it is a problem for me too!I usually peruse it on my lunch hour.