Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Day Late and a Dollar Short....

That's how I'm feeling....cliche!

I'm wondering do other writer's feel this way? I worked on manuscript edits and received several comments about the use of 'heart hitched' as cliche in a romance novel. Hmmm....I didn't even realize it. But I promptly changed it!

While I'm writing I do really try to watch over used cliches like the one in my title. I try to come up with fresh comparisons that fit the theme of my novel, but occasionaly, I slip up!

So readers, does reading over used cliches take you out of the story?

Writers, do you find yourself editing out tired cliches in your novel?

I hope you leave a comment but remember, they're moderated so they won't immediately publish.


  1. When I am reading, I kind of like to see the occasional cliche. It makes me feel like I am on the same page (cliche!) as the writer and the characters. We all know what the author is talking about.

    When I am writing, I try like the dickens (ouch) to avoid cliches. When I take them all out, though, it leaves the writing feeling either blah or forced. Know what I mean?

    I think that there needs to be a happy medium.

  2. Absolutely, Chris...a happy medium. I, too, think a few cliches can made the writing real.

  3. Sometimes I use cliches purposely in a character's speech. Others that sneak in on me I'm afraid I don't see as well as I'd like!