Saturday, June 1, 2013


This is for all of my blog followers who comment.

Because I keep getting 'sales/spam' posts from an Anonymous poster, I changed my comments to 'moderated' so I could report them as spam. However, it's not stopping whoever this is SO I changed all of my comments to 'registered' users.

Which means, you'll need to register before you can post a comment and then I will have to approve it. This shouldn't be a problem because most of you are already registered users.

Again, sorry to have to do this but it only takes a couple of people to ruin it for everyone.


  1. Oh..Rose I'm sorry..what is wrong with these 'spammers'? Apparently they don't have anything better to do. Hope I'm to comment on your blog.


  2. You are registered Gert!

    All I had to do was approve it!