Thursday, March 14, 2013


Tired of slepping around my heavy and bulky laptop and after much deliberation, I made a purchase last month, a MicroSoft Surface.

I call it my portable writing device and I LOVE it! My intent was to take my Surface to work and write during part of my lunch time. I was doing that already in long hand but then I'd have to type that progress into my manuscript before I could start writing at home. Even though I'm a fast typist, my Surface saves me time. I've been 'testing' it out for a month now and don't know how I ever did without it.

I chose a Surface RT even though the Pro's were on the market and I purchased the package that included a keyboard. I wanted the preloaded MicroSoft Word program. That is also the reason I chose a Surface over other tablets. Editors prefer manuscripts be submitted in a Word document.

Now, my tablet doesn't have much memory but that's okay because I save my documents to SkyDrive. Yep, I'm feeling pretty techie because I figured out how to save to the cloud. HA! (I'm sooooo not a techie!). All I do when I get home is download my file from SkyDrive to my laptop and I'm good to go to continue writing.

My Surface will be much easier to carry when I travel, too. I will say that I had to get used to the keyboard because it's flat rather than raised, and I'd be lying if I said that I mastered it but it beats writing in long hand.

I know there have been AlphaSmart devices out for a long time which is a small word processor, and many writier's I know swear by them. Netbooks and Notebooks were popular at one time too. What portable writing device do you prefer?

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