Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Goal Recap

As most of you know, I'm a huge advocate of setting writing career goals. So much so, that I publically share them every year and I follow up by publically sharing if I accomplished those goals or not. Last year in addition to setting writing goals, I set some personal goals for myself too. On both accounts, I accomplished some but not all because I allowed for some flexibility and in both instances had happy surprises!

For my personal goals, I wanted to complete two quilts, visit the Akron Area Museum, the new Sioux City Museum, and The O'Connor House. Well, I completed one quilt. The other, about half finished, I put on hold to make some Christmas gifts. I did visit the Akron Area Museum and the Sioux City Museum twice, along with a tour of the O'Connor House. I love visiting old mansions, and luckily was able to visit a few more this year. The Baker Mansion outside of Akron, Iowa, the Peirce Mansion in Sioux City, Iowa and J. Sterling Morton's Mansion in Nebraska City, NE.

I set six writing goals but only accomplished two and half. I put a proposal together for a book set in Faith, SD. The publisher that I aimed the manuscript for wasn't interested, so I renamed it, Wedding on the Rocks, and it sold to Harlequin's Heartsong Present's line. While waiting for that acceptence, I wrote the first chapter of a historical with a rodeo theme, and I answered manuscript calls and work for hire inquiries. That's the two in a half.

The acceptance caused my flexibility since I had to write the book. In addition, I was asked to audition for a mystery series of books with Guideposts, which I did but wasn't asked to participate in this series. Harlequin Heartsong's Presents line is interested in a synopsis that I submitted but I needed to write sample chapters, which I did and submitted by the end of November.

So although, I didn't complete all six goals, I had a very busy year. Later this week, I'll share my personal and writing goals for 2013!

Feel free to comment and let me know how you did accomplishing your 2012 goals!


  1. Congrats, Rose. I'm impressed with your discipline and flexibility! Here's to a productive 2013 for both of us!