Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Let Earth Receive Her King!

The anticipation is over! The Lord has come!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!

The word of the day for everyone:

Monday, December 23, 2013

Toy Parade - Wrestling Buddies

This is one of the three Wrestling Buddies our son owned. He had Ultimate Warrior (pictured), Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage. He and one of his friends had lots of fun making up wrestling matches with these toys.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Toy Parade - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Okay, I realize this is a  picture of their logo and not an actual toy. I couldn't really find any jpg images that did the toys justice. Not only did our son have the action figures, he had VHS tapes of the movies. He watched the cartoon. He had sheets, pillow cases and the comforter for his bed with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on them and one year for Halloween, he won the best costume prize when he dressed up as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (the one with the red eye band).

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Toy Parade -WWF Game

Here is another game our son had and in fact, I still do in a closet. He was crazy about wrestling. We went to many matches. A lady I worked with brought him an older version of this game that her son had outgrown. Sadly, many of the men on the front of this game have passed away.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Toy Parade - Simon

I have to admit that I don't even remember how to play this game! It was a hot item at one time though.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Toy Parade - Game Boy

Can you believe that I actually forgot about Game Boy until I was searching for Nintendo pictures? Well, I did and our son had one and I play it!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Toy Parade - Guess Who?

This was a fun game that our son never tired of playing. I'm not certain this was the packing of his version of the game.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Toy Parade - Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, Thunder Cats!

So, once again, you can have an evil fighter without the villian so that's why I'm posting two pictures today. Our son LOVED this cartoon and actually has a DVD of them. I could keep most of the character's names straight on this cartoon.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Toy Parade - Who You Going To Call? GHOSTBUSTERS!

Not only were the movies fun (and cheesy!), they also had a cartoon. And really, who will EVER forget the theme song to the movie? The ghosts were colorful, ugly and gross....right up a boys alley! Well, except my favorite character from the movies and cartoon.....

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Toy Parade - LEGOLAND

Our son had several Lego castle sets. I think they were actually built to 'specs' once, otherwise it was his own creations. The little horses to these sets were adorable. I KNOW, little boys don't want to hear that there toys are adorable!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Toy Parade - Transformers....Robots in Disguise!

I think this yellow car is the same one that our son had. It was a lot of fun. You pulled it back to 'start' the engine, let it go and when it bumped into the wall or furniture the button on the bumper transformed it into a robot. However, I had to admit that this mommy could never keep all the robots names straight!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Toy Parade - Pound Puppies

I couldn't find a good picture of the Pound Puppies that I remember our son having. He did have one that looked like these and also a spotted one.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Toy Parade - 'I HAVE THE POWER' or HeMan

Our son had several versions of the HeMan action figure. Of course, you can't have a good guy without a bad guy, right?

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Toy Parade - Nintendo

This was actually a birthday not a Christmas gift for our son. He spent many hours playing Mario Brothers and Tetrus. I myself perfered Tetrus!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Toy Parade - Fisher Price Barn

Our son loved "Little People" when he was young. This was a Christmas gift from his grandparents. The silo opened up for storage as well as the barn door and loft door.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Toy Parade - My Pet Monster

This is My Pet Monster and was the result of merchandising a cartoon. I'm sure the idea behind this was to make monsters friendly so children would be scared. What do you think?

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Toy Parade - Pizza Party

This is a fun matching game. I still have our son's and plan to play it with our granddaughters. What were some of you or your children's favorite games?

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Toy Parade - Mr. Bell's Fixit Shop

This Little Golden book was a favorite of our son's and mine. I never tired of reading it and although I downloaded this picture from the internet, I still have the book and hope our granddaughters enjoy it too.

If you're not familiar with this book Mr. Bell can fix anything, but broken hearts....however, by the end of the book he can do that too because he fixes a little girl's dolly!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Toy Parade - Get Along Gang

Our son loved this cartoon. He'd wake up early on Saturdays to watch it!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Toy Parade - Day 3

This is how the Fisher Price Little People looked in the 1980's. Much smaller than today! This was a fun toy with a crank on the top that would bounce a figure across the top of the roof.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Toy Parade - Day Two

This was a fun toy box that was sold by toy party company. I can't remember the official name of the company, but people had in home parties. Most of the time the toys were outside of the toy box and our son was inside the toy box!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Toy Parade-Snuggle Bear!

Last year my toy parade in December was big hit on my blog, so I'm following up the fond memories of some of my toys with toys our son received.

These toys aren't 'antique' like mine were last year. They will be from 1980-1990's. Although my comments are monitored, feel free to leave one anytime.

Our son received this "Snuggle Bear" on his first Christmas. It was a send in offer from the fabric softener. Do products even do that anymore?

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Great Sale Price!

The digital editions of three of my books are on sale for 99 cents! What a deal! Lily of the Field, Job's Tears and Rose of Sharon are all available on Kindle and Nook. All you have to do is visit the appropriate website and make the purchase!

The pictures I'm sharing are my Thanksgiving decorations and serve as a reminder to me how many blessings I have in my life and that I should COUNT them DAILY!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Writer's Tools - Part 12

Time! Time is essential in building a writing career. If you are serious in your persuit of writing as more than a hobby then you'll need to devote time to it.

You'll need time to write your rough draft, time to let your work sit so you can revise with a fresh eye, time to revise, time to revise again, time to read books and magazines on your craft, time to revise again, time to jot new ideas that are EVEN better than what you're working on, time to revise again, time to review markets, time to follow blogs or twitter feeds, time to get your manuscript ready for submission. Time to start a new project.

That sounds like you'd need more than twenty four hours in a day! And how can you do it if you do work the 'dreaded day job'? Well, you just manage it. But you do need to remember, are your writing dreams more important than that movie from your childhood on television this afternoon? Is it more important than the china painting class your friend wants you to go to? Is it more important than frittering away an afternoon window shopping at the mall?

I bet you answered YES! to all of those questions. So if you aren't making time for your writing....START.....NOW!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Writer's Tools - Part 11

Contests is my topic this week and yes, they are a writing tool. Many contests provide feedback for your and it's not all positive. Ug! Not fun to get, but it does help you step back away from your work and help you to see the flaws.

However, if you get a good score or feedback, it will give you the confidenence to continue and seek publication!

There are many, many, many contests out there for any writing genre. I enter short story contests and romance contests. I have entered children's writing contests and 'general' contests. I've finaled in a few, received a nominal monetary award, a certificate or the feed back I needed on my story.

Entering contests is just like submitting to publishers. Don't send the first chapter of your mystery novel to a short story contest for literary fiction. THAT is setting yourself up for failure. Also, as with submissions, pay careful attention to the guidelines of the contest. You don't want your work to be disqualified because you didn't follow the directions.

Where do you find all of these contests? You can google them. Most organizations, like Romance Writers of America or SCBWI have contests that are open to members and non-members. Writing magazine's usually have a section listing contests in the back of the magazine. Once you start seeking out contests, you'll be amazed what you find out there!

In the past week, I've entered two contests for published romance author's, the Rita sponsered by the RWA and the Booksellers Best Award sponsered by an RWA chapter. The later contest is new to me, but it's judged by booksellers and librarians....good readers to get my books out too, right?

Contest entry fees can get expensive so really consider which contests will benefit you and your work before entering. If you're looking for feedback, make sure the contest rules say they send your scores and feedback to you at the end of the contest, many don't.

Do you enter or judge contests?

Monday, October 28, 2013

Tis the Season for SCARY!!!

If you think that's SCARY, check out the You Tube video of my Festival of the Book interview!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

My New Cover!!!!!!

This book releases on February 1, 2014 and is available for preorder on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Writer's Tools- Part 10

Another tool a writer needs is other authors. Yep, we all need to be around like minded people so if you haven't joined a writer's group, I suggest that you do.

I'm not really talking about a critique group, but a group of writers who gather together to share ideas, successes, disappointments, marketing news, research tips, well the list can go on and on. The group I belong to is through the ACFW. About every other month we get together and visit a location that can help us with our research. We take short road trips or discover interesting museums in our own back yards!

We always enjoy a meal or desserts together and that's when we 'hash' over our writing careers. This group has beginners, mid-listers, best sellers and seasoned professionals. We all take a turn telling what we are working on or what we plan to work on, how our books are being received. Everyone there is supportive and not competitive in any way.

A group like this is something every serious writer needs. If you're not a part of one, do some research and find a group. Keep in mind through, not every group is right for you and that's okay. Just keep looking until you find one.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Writer's Tools - Part 9

I'm focusing on goal setting this week. Not a new subject for this blog!

I've been called a task master by my fellow writers many times. Setting goals for your writing is important. You can't grow and move forward with your writing career without them.

If you are not setting goals, my suggestion is to start small, like finish the rough draft of one chapter in a month or write and polish a short story in forty five days. Anything to keep your fingers on the keyboard.

More seasoned writers need to set goals to get out of their comfort zone. In turn that will increase output.

Now is the time of year to start thinking about your writing career and where you'd like to be at this time next year. Think of some easy and harder goals. As you complete the easy ones, you'll build confidence. The harder goals will stretch your abilities and help you grow in your writing.

As always at the end of the year, I'll review my goals and set new ones on this blog. From now until the end of December I'll be jotting down my ideas and deciding if they will move my career forward. I hope you join me in this effort!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Writer's Tools - Part 8

This week's topic might be a stretch on the title. I'm going to talk about author pictures. All writing books will tell you that you'll need a professional head shot. Although this is true, it's not always something you need in the beginning. I say this because the road to publication can be a long one and we all age, change our hair color or style, lose and gain get the idea.

It is my belief that your professional headshot should LOOK like you...NOW....not twenty years ago. Is anyone laughing? I've ran across this several times searching for an author at a writer's conference or book signing....and I didn't even recognize them because they looked nothing like their picture. So, I will update my headshot as often as I need because I want readers to recognize it's me behind the table at a book signing!

Feel free to share your ideas on this topic.

Here are some pictures of me presenting at Festival of the Book.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Writer's Tools - Part 7

I'm writing my blog from beautiful Deadwood, SD where I was a presenter at the South Dakota Festival of the Book.

That's my blog topic for this week-presentations.

Writing isn't just about, well, writing. Once your published you have to promote your work. One way to do that is through presentations at writer's conferences, book festivals, woman's groups, men's groups, schools, church organizations, libraries. You get the idea. Anywhere you can get your name out or your books name out to the public.

What to present is up to you. Today I spoke about goal setting and how to put 'inspirational' into a romance story. Many authors tell their story about the road to publication, putting a 'can do' spin on it, some authors talk about their process, many explain their research techniques while others simply read excerpts of their work.

Does standing up in front of a group of people make you sweat? Just remember YOU are the expert at your presentation. Most people will not argue or question you about your content. They may ask questions, but that is entirely different and shows your presentation was effective and they were paying attention.

Writer's do you do presentations? Readers do you like to attend presentations?

Please leave a comment, but remember they are moderated and I'll be traveling a good portion of the day tomorrow so they won't appear immediately.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Writer's Tools - Part 6

Research is this week's topic. Most people assume that only non-fiction or historical fiction writers have to do research. That's not true.

If you are writing a contemporary romance, women's fiction or cozy mystery, you are going to need to research something. Maybe the setting, an occupation or police procedures.

The internet is a HUGE help for little things like the temperature in the Maine during the last two weeks of July or how to run a floral business. But some of the old tried and true sources for research can add further depth to your manuscript.

Start with books on you subject. Check them out of the library or purchase them is your budget allows or block off an afternoon to visit a bookstore, grab a coffee and hunker down in a chair with a book about your topic.

Take the opportunity to visit the area/occupation you're writing about. Most people are happy to talk about their occupations. You can plan your vacation destination to your book setting location.

Find an expert in either area and talk to them, asking them questions specific to what you are using in the plot of your book.

My favorite jumping off place for research is books. What's yours?

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Writer's Tools - Part 5

Another useful tool for writers is books on the craft of writing and genre specific books on writing.

In my opinion when you decide you want to write, the first thing you should do is visit a book store, either brick and mortar or online and peruse your choices. And there are many to choose from!

For a beginner the best way to go is a general book about writing. A book that explains not only the creative process, but the business side as well. There are great books that explain and give examples of query letters to both agents and publishers, proposal packages, manuscript and synopsis format, the difference between a non-fiction and fiction proposal, etc. etc. etc.

One advantage to reading a general book about the craft of writing is they can introduce you to all types of writing, memoir, article, short story, magazine, and books. They encourage you and cover the realities of a writing career, like the length of time it takes to get published.

The genre specific writing books are invaluable to the beginner or seasoned pro. They cover the tried and true as well as the new trends. These books are key to getting your foot in the door of the appropriate publishers.

Here is a list of a few I've found helpful:

Writing the Christian Romance by Gail Gaymer Martin
The Giblin Guide to Writing Children's Books by James Cross Giblin
Write the Perfect Book Proposal by James Herman and Deborah Levine Herman
On Writing by Stephen King
Writing Short Stories for Young People by George Edward Stanley
The Complete Writer's Guide to Heroes and Heroines by Cowden, LaFever and Viders

If you have a favorite book on writing, please leave a comment and let us know! Just remember my comments are moderated so they won't show up immediately.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Writer's Tools - Part 4

Book festivals highlight all types of writing genres. There truly is something for everyone at a book festival from the beginner to the advanced writer.

Book festival's also encompass the reader with many sessions where authors and poets read their work. What better place for a writer to be, whether they are presenting or just in attendance, than surrounded by READERS!

I'm lucky. The state of South Dakota's Humanity Council throws a great bash at their Festival of the Book. There are activities for children in addition to children's authors who host tea parties. There are writing classes for a nominal fee that cover everything from starting your manuscript to marketing it. In addition, one entire day is devoted to free sessions with over twenty authors in various genres and various stages of their careers.

You can check South Dakota's festival out here:

There is a National Festival of the Book held in Washington, D. C. (see the link below). To check to see if your state hosts book festival, simple check your state's Humanity Council's website and make plans to attend. You'll be glad you did!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Writing Tool - Part 3 1/2!

Since I'm having trouble posting to blogger from my laptop, this blog is in continuation of last weeks blog.

I was on a writing retreat last week in St. Ansgar, Iowa. It's a lovely small town with just the right amenities for a writing retreat. Most of my time was spent in the smaller house, however I spent one night in the main bed & breakfast at the Blue Bell Inn. It's a lovely Victorian and all of the rooms are decorated to a theme in a children's book. I stayed in Plum Creek and have never seen so many old issues of that book!

Now, for me a retreat is different than a writing conference. I use a retreat to actually get work on a manuscript accomplished. THAT is the focus of a writing retreat, brain storming a book, working on a proposal or rough draft, polishing up a finished get the picture you're away from your normal routine or responsibilities so all you do is focus on your writing.

I managed to add over 4200 words to the rough draft of my contracted book. To be honest, I'd planned for more, but my editor asked me to tweak a proposal that I also worked on during that time.

Now, if you can't afford to go away for a retreat, there are ways to accomplish this at home. Chose a weekend and notify your family that it's designed for your writing. Cook meals ahead of time or plan to use your crockpot for meals or better yet, order in!

If you think you'll be disturbed or distracted at home, chose an alternative place to actually write, a coffee shop, the library or even a park.

This was my first 'retreat' away from home. It won't be my last! Have you went on a writer's retreat either traveling to on or at home? Please feel free to share your experience.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Writer Tools - Part Two

Serious writers need to strive to improve their craft. Last week I talked about writing magazines, those specific to the genre that you write and those that cover the general market. Both have benefits and tips to help you build your career.

The same is true of writer's conferences. If your budget permits, you should try to attend two a year, one that covers various types of writing, the other should be specific to the genre that you write. Now, that advice is sometimes easier said than done! The area that I live in it's hard to find writing conferences that are close for my romance writing. For my children's writing, we have a wonderful regional SCBWI chapter. So, I usually budget for a large two to three day conference for my romance writing, and find a smaller one day conference close to home that either covers children's writing or writing in general.

Another I thing I consider is the size of a conference. The ACFW conferences that I've attended have up to 600 conference attendees. That's a lot of people and noise. It's easy to get lost in the crowd and harder to get agent/editor appointments. Although I enjoy large conferences, they are not everyone's cup of tea. If you are in introvert, this can be over whelming for you.

At a smaller conference with a 100 people or less, it's easier to actually meet an editor and have a conversation (that doesn't mean a pitch session). I've dined with many editor's at the smaller conferences and learned how their publishing company works and what the editor's needs are or just their general interests.

Any size or type of writing conference is beneficial to writer. Other than meeting editor's, you get tips to help you hone your career, meet critique partners, network and make friends!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Writer's Tools-Part One

I plan to blog in the month of August about various tools that writer's, whether they work a day job or not, need to further their career. The first being trade magazines.

When I started writing in 1991, there were many trade magazine's for writer's. Sadly in the time I've been writing, I've seen many of them fold, change hands, or take on an entirely different format. The later happened to me right after I'd renewed for two years. (Sigh)

I realize that magazine's have to have something for every type of writer so I know there will be articles about screening writing or poetry that I'll skip. I do enjoy reading interviews with other writer's because there maybe tidbits to help me further my career. Sadly, I do not enjoy just reading an article that highlights the writer's celebrity.

So when my subscription ran out to my last writer's magazine subscription, I went on the prowl for a new magazine that would fit my career better only to find...there are only about three choices.

Now, the two writer's organizations I belong to publish magazines specific to their membership, which I love, but I also like have a feel for non-specific genres. Needless to say, I went back to my stand-by magazine, Writer's Digest to fill that need.

In my opinion, writers need to read trade magazines to keep up on trends in publishing that could effect their careers.

What do you think? Do writer's magazines help you learn your craft or inspire you in any way? What do you think to see in a writer's magazine?

Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Day Late and a Dollar Short....

That's how I'm feeling....cliche!

I'm wondering do other writer's feel this way? I worked on manuscript edits and received several comments about the use of 'heart hitched' as cliche in a romance novel. Hmmm....I didn't even realize it. But I promptly changed it!

While I'm writing I do really try to watch over used cliches like the one in my title. I try to come up with fresh comparisons that fit the theme of my novel, but occasionaly, I slip up!

So readers, does reading over used cliches take you out of the story?

Writers, do you find yourself editing out tired cliches in your novel?

I hope you leave a comment but remember, they're moderated so they won't immediately publish.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Contemporary vs Historical

Since I hit the send button in June, submitting my very first historical manuscript to an editor, I been holding my writer's breath. Did I have what it takes to write a historical novel? After all, I'm the gal who constantly says: God placed me in the right era with air conditioning, running water, sewer systems. You get the idea.
I hadn't subconsciously placed contemporary elements in the story, had I?

Thursday, I found out. Two...I had two areas that might not have been appropriate in historical context. One was easily fixed with one sentence, which helps the reader see the hero is falling in love with the heroine. The other took several lines of text to turn the scene around to a match making event. It was a scene that I was trying to develope intimacy without using a kiss or hug and I think I still pulled it off. Will my editor go for it? I'll know on Monday.

Overall, I had less editing comments to address in the historical than any of my contempory novels. This makes me more confident in preparing the prosposal for the my second historical due in December.

As a reader I tend to read contempories but am always pleasantly surprised when I do read a historical.
Which do your prefer? Contemporary or Historical?

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Festival of the Book Presentations!

I received my schedule for the Festival of the Book. I'll be giving a morning and afternoon presentation on Saturday.

The morning presentation is titled, Ready, Set, Goal and all of my children's writing friends have heard this presentation before. Anyone who knows the writing side of me can attest to my firm belief in setting goals to move your writing career forward.

My afternoon program, Inspirational Romance: The Faith Factor, is about adding the faith thread into your romance stories and the variance in publishers from heavy use of faith, like quoting Bible verses to a lighter hand, your characters following Christian principles.

If your in the Deadwood, SD on September 22-24, stop into the Festival. There is truly something for everyone!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Reader Reviews

All writers are readers, but I have to admit that as a reader, I've never posted a review on Amazon, Barnes or Noble or any other book purchasing website. Mostly because I've never thought about it.

As a writer though, it's so much fun for me to check out the online bookstores and see if anyone has posted a review for any of my books. Now, I only have two that are available for purchase on those sites, but it's still fun.

I've noticed since Barbour listed the ebook of Lily of the Field for $0.99 in May, I now have six reviews for that title, which also means that marketing move works. Books sell!

So, I have a few questions for you today.

Do you post reader reviews online? If so, what sites?

Do you write to publishing houses telling them you like certain books?

How often do you purchase the $0.99 books that publishers offer?

Feel free to answer any or all of these questions, but remember, I was forced to moderate my blog so your comments won't show up until I approve them.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Book Buying Information and Pictures!

I'm posting more pictures from my book signing at the Beresford Library, not to toot my own horn, but so you can see two of the BEAUTIFUL quilts that were on display. I chose to pose in front of the Sunbonnet Sue because she was my mom's favorite quilt block. I've never seen one quite like this one. It's so colorful and bright.

The quilt that looks like trees was made by my co-worker's mother. It's GORGEOUS!!!

Since that signing, I've been asked by two different people how to purchase the print books in my quilting series. To get a copy of Job's Tears or Rose of Sharon, if they are still available, you'll need to contact Harlequin's Reader Services at or 800-873-8635.

Lily of the Field is out of print, but still lists print copies and they are priced at $0.99!

If you can't get a copy of one or more of these books, don't dispare this series will be repackaged as three books in one and released in late 2014 and should be available at many retailers.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Today's Booksigning

Just sharing a couple of pictures from today's booksigning. It went very well and my quilting series inventory is depleted until Barbour releases the 3 in 1 next year.


Other than a reminder that I have a book signing in Beresford, SD today, I'm stumped as what I should be posting about today on my blog.

I need to get cracking on my new proposal that's due on August 15th, but other than that I have no writing news.

What I've been thinking about all is going on a writing retreat, taking a few days off of work, finding a reasonable priced bed and breakfast or hotel and hunkering down to get proposal finished and some new book ideas documented and fleshed out.

Although I've spoken at a writer's retreat, I've never been on one. The wonderful ladies over at the Seekerville blog are hosting a virtual writer's retreat at a dude ranch! If this is something that interests you, drop by their blog and register.

So writer's, have you ever went on a writer's retreat? Reader, have you went any other type of retreat?

Please feel free to leave a comment, just keep in mind that I will have to approve it before it appears!

Have a great weekend.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Readers Reviews

I have a big favor to ask friends and family. If you've read Wedding on the Rocks or Lily of Field, would you mind leaving a rate and comment on either Amazon or Barnes & I'd really appreaciate it.

Also, don't forget next Saturday's booksigning at the library in Beresford, SD.

Lastly, I turned in the completed manuscript on my first historical ever! Now, I'm on to the proposal for another historical.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Book Signing Event

I will be at the Beresford, South Dakota library on June 15th from 2-4 for a book signing with other area authors. If you're in the vacinity, stop by and see me. I'll have copies of my new release, Wedding on the Rocks and I'll be selling my quilt series in packs of three for $12.00. BUT I only have eight sets of those, so come early!

Saturday, June 1, 2013


This is for all of my blog followers who comment.

Because I keep getting 'sales/spam' posts from an Anonymous poster, I changed my comments to 'moderated' so I could report them as spam. However, it's not stopping whoever this is SO I changed all of my comments to 'registered' users.

Which means, you'll need to register before you can post a comment and then I will have to approve it. This shouldn't be a problem because most of you are already registered users.

Again, sorry to have to do this but it only takes a couple of people to ruin it for everyone.

Monday, May 27, 2013

And the winner is.....

The winner's of a copy of Rose of Sharon are:

Library Lady

Deanna Mundy

Lane Hill House

I'll be emailing you for your address later today.

Thanks to everyone who left a comment on my blog. The winner's were chosen by using

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Memorial Day Book Giveaway

The hero in my book, Rose of Sharon, is a Vietnam veteran. In honor of Memorial Day and all of the brave men and women who serve(d) our country, I'm giving away three copies of Rose of Sharon. Just leave a comment with your email address on this blog post to be entered to win. The winners will be announced on Tuesday.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Big Reveal

I know most of you are probably thinking I'm going to talk about the turning point in the manuscript BUT I'm not....

In February I hinted about some good news that was in addtion to my contracts for two books. I'm finally ready to publically let everyone in on a little secret......

Are you ready? Lean close, I need to whisper this news so I don't 'jinx' it.

Two separate production companies are interested in purchasing the movie options on my 2014 releases.


Now, I know that many, many times the movie never gets made AND I haven't signed any contracts yet, BUT it's still very exciting to know my book ideas garnered interest from a production company.

Many, many, many thanks go out to my agent, Linda Glaz for posting intriguing tidbits on Publisher's Weekly to gain attention to these books.

I'll keep you posted, not matter which way these deals go!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Mother's Day Fest

I'm sharing a copy of the press release that was in the Sioux City Journal. As you can see, I'll be at this event, selling and signing books. My May release, Wedding on the Rocks, will be available at this venue.

SOUTH SIOUX CITY -Camp Goodwill will honor mothers with an afternoon of literature and music 1-5 p.m. May 11 in South Sioux City.
A performance by The New Horizons Band is 2-3 p.m. at the Richard A. Pecaut Amphitheater.

The event will also showcase local authors Linda Florke, Julie Marr-Potter, Jeanne Miller, John Paul Engel, Rose Ross Zediker, and Ron Hartnett. The authors will be at the Camp Goodwill Achievement Center.

Donations will support the camp, at 570 152nd St.

Call 402-494-1712 or 402-494-4872 for more information.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Guest Blogger

I'm a guest on the Seekerville blog today. Stop by and leave a comment to be entered in my book giveaway.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

This and That!

I believe spring may finally be here in southeastern South Dakota! We had a snow storm last Monday and by Friday is was over 70 degrees!

I keep busy working on my contracted manuscript and brain storming for the second book I'll be writing this year, in addition to all the marketing/promo that goes with the life of a writer!

Yesterday, I had new head shots taken for a couple of reasons. First, I'm a huge believer that your picture should look like you. How disappointing is it to walk into a book signing and you don't the author you can to 'visit'? Then you realized the author is using a fifteen year old picture! So when I let my hair go 'au natural'-which really means let the gray(and there is LOTS of it) show-I needed new pictures! Second, Harlequin's UK branch is updating their author's webpage and requested 'current' pictures. Out of over 100 shots, I've narrowed it down to six. Hopefully by the end of the week, I'll be able to share one or two with you!

I'm part of a Mother's Day fund raiser featuring the arts that the local Goodwill is sponsering on May 11th. It will be an afternoon of fun and a chance to read an excerpt of my new release, Wedding on the Rocks. This fund raiser comes at a wonderful time for me because that book will just be releasing, and is easier to purchase than my last two.

I'm a guest blogger on on May 2nd. Please stop by and leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of Wedding on the Rocks. I'll be blogging about recycling in my post, Writer Go Green.

The group blog that I'm a part of is celebrating Lorna Seilstad's new release, When Love Calls, by blogging about sisters. Stop over and leave a comment on anyone's blog and you'll be entered to win a copy of Lorna's book. This contest ends, on Friday, May 3rd. We'll be celebrating my book as well with a giveaway in May. Here's the blog address:

I think that's it for now.

Friday, April 19, 2013

2014 = 3 Books!

I received word last Friday that Barbour will be publishing my quilt series as a 3 in 1 book in late 2014!

I'm very excited with this news because I love the 3 in 1 books and novella anthologies that Barbour publishes.

What is a 3 in 1? It will be all three of my books, Lily of the Field, Job's Tears and Rose of Sharon published under the same cover. The new book will be re-titled to include the theme (quilting) and location (South Dakota) of the books.

I'll keep you posted with any updates!

Monday, April 8, 2013

April Showers Bring May Flowers...

But for me, it just brings pollen and then I feel miserable. Which is the reason I didn't get a post up last week. My allergies had me down for the count! I managed to get to and from the day job but spent most evenings laying down and feeling sorry for myself!

I'm hoping to have a couple of guest bloggers in the coming weeks since I have friends who have spring releases.

So readers are you looking for good spring/summer reading. A book to read while spending a lazy day in the shade, at the beach, floating on a lake.

Where is your favorite place to escape and read?

Sunday, March 24, 2013

March Madness!

Nope, not talking about basketball, I'm talking about a marathon writing month to get the rough draft of the first of my contracted books done.

Anyone who reads my blog knows that I set monthly goals with self-imposed deadlines but this month the writers over at host a program that they call Speedbo. It's just like NaNoWriMo in November. It's designed to get you writing and get to the finish line of your project. The timing was perfect for me and it's fun to be logging up word count and sharing the ups and downs of getting a book on paper with other writers.

My goal was 45,000 words. I'm at 40,000 but I did start with 15,000 words already written on this manuscript. So, I have 3000 words or the last chapter to go. And to tell the truth, I'm really getting anxious to write the ending, so I maybe finishing up earlier than the 31st.

I was asked on Friday to be part of the South Dakota Festival of the Book! SQUEE!!!! Exciting. I've attended every year but the first. This year it's in Deadwood the third weekend in September. I will post more information as I know it. But if anyone lives in the area, I hope you come and see me.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Tired of slepping around my heavy and bulky laptop and after much deliberation, I made a purchase last month, a MicroSoft Surface.

I call it my portable writing device and I LOVE it! My intent was to take my Surface to work and write during part of my lunch time. I was doing that already in long hand but then I'd have to type that progress into my manuscript before I could start writing at home. Even though I'm a fast typist, my Surface saves me time. I've been 'testing' it out for a month now and don't know how I ever did without it.

I chose a Surface RT even though the Pro's were on the market and I purchased the package that included a keyboard. I wanted the preloaded MicroSoft Word program. That is also the reason I chose a Surface over other tablets. Editors prefer manuscripts be submitted in a Word document.

Now, my tablet doesn't have much memory but that's okay because I save my documents to SkyDrive. Yep, I'm feeling pretty techie because I figured out how to save to the cloud. HA! (I'm sooooo not a techie!). All I do when I get home is download my file from SkyDrive to my laptop and I'm good to go to continue writing.

My Surface will be much easier to carry when I travel, too. I will say that I had to get used to the keyboard because it's flat rather than raised, and I'd be lying if I said that I mastered it but it beats writing in long hand.

I know there have been AlphaSmart devices out for a long time which is a small word processor, and many writier's I know swear by them. Netbooks and Notebooks were popular at one time too. What portable writing device do you prefer?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Teenaged Crush

As you know the first thing that seems to slip when I'm under a deadline is my blog. I'm trying to post at least once a week but missed last weekend because I helping my sister celebrate her birthday!

We didn't go far, to Grand Falls Casino to attend a Mark Lindsay concert. Ladies, do you remember him? My sister had a HUGE crush on him back in the sixties and brought every teen magazine he was in. Now, I liked him too but secretly. See if my sister liked a teen idol, then her rule was I couldn't crush on them too. Older Sisters!

However, I had my share of 'teenie boper' crushes, Donny Osmond, Tony DeFranco and Shawn Cassidy to name a few. I was lucky enough to get to see Donny & Marie's show in Vegas roughly five year ago and considered it a dream come true.

So what does all of that have to do with writing? Well, I've been married for over thirty years and that giddy, jittery feeling when I see my husband wore off long ago. So, when I'm writing a scene with the blush of new love, I channel the small town girl from thirty-five years and how she felt when her current 'crush' came on television or a song played on the radio.

What singer/star did you have a teenaged crush on?

P.S. I received some exciting news from my agent last night. It's too early to release it publically but I'll keep you posted!

Saturday, February 23, 2013


I'm happy to announce that my May release, Wedding on the Rocks, is available for book Nook and Kindles in addition to print copies! I'll post the links at the bottom of the email, in case you'd like to pre-order.

I think that is very important with today's technology. Not just ereaders, but tablets and phones allow readers the access to reading any time, any where. Now, I know you can carry a print book with you but the new devices seem to be easier and with a press of your finger, your book is open and you are set to go!

I have a Nook. It was a gift from family and friends for my 50th birthday. It is just a basic device but I love it and have it linked to my smart phone. However, that doesn't mean that I don't buy and read hard or paperback books.

Readers, let me know if you have an ereader or do you prefer reading a traditional book?