Sunday, October 28, 2012

Four days, and counting?

Wow! It's time for NaNoWriMo....again.

The last two years, I've participated in National Novel Writing Month-unofficially. It's allowed me to finish two manuscripts, which are now published books.

This year, I have no plans to participate officially or unofficially. It's not because I don't have any novel ideas but because I'm pretty sure edits for a contracted book will come back to me sometime that month.

That doesn't mean that I won't be reading about, or cheering on others who are participating. Even if you write something other than novels, November is a good time to try to go above and beyond what you normally produce for your writing.

If you write short stories, try to write rough drafts of several different stories. Same with articles or devotions.

Good luck to all who participate!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Carving Out Writing Time in a Busy Schedule

I've been trying a little experience on how to add word count to my current work-in-progress.

I've read articles before about using you lunch hour to write. I have to say, I was always skeptical about using that time for a few reasons.

1. I think it's hard to write while you eat.
2. Work lunchrooms are open to everyone, and it's fun to visit with co-workers.
3. Work lunchrooms are open to everyone, and it's hard to write with other people talking.
4. My lunch hour was only 30 minutes.
5. I'd have to carry all my writing back and forth. UG! I hate carrying stuff.
6. When I had jobs with an hour lunch, I ate the first half and walked-when weather was permitted the second, and read when weather wasn't permitting. those sound LIKE excuses to you? They do? That's because they are!

I have an hour lunch at my present day job. I eat my lunch the first thirty minutes, then I've been walking the last half. While I believe daily exercise is extremely important, when our summer days topped out in the triple digits, I didn't walk, instead, I found a quiet place and I wrote.

Do you know what I've found out. I can write approximately 380 words in a half hour, long hand. Writing long hand during lunch means, I only have to carry a pad of paper and a pen. I like that! Now, I do have to transscribe when I get home but that allows me to edit those words, and jump starts my creativity so that I can just keep writing. And if I'm shooting for a 1000 words a day, I'm a third of the way there!

Do you have a few minutes of time in your day? Try using it to add to your word count, you'll be surprised and happy with the results!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

New Gig!

I'm pleased to announce that I've been asked to join a group of wonderful ladies and talented writer's on a joint writing blog.

Every ten days or so you'll find me blogging about various topics on

Right now we're talking numbers, like 10 reasons to know you're a writer, 5 things readers should know on the first page, 5 things to get you in the mood to write, 5 reasons to write for the Christian children's magazine market....some are 'fun' posts, some are instructional posts, and some are thought provoking posts.

I hope if you are reader or a writer, you'll stop by. You might find a tip to help your writing or discover a new author....there are some GOOD ones on this blog.

This does not mean that I won't be updating this blog either. I'm still trying to come up with a consistent schedule. Although I'm not a fan of blogs that post recipes, with the onset of NaNoWriMo, I am considering some tips and recipes that I use when under deadline to gain writing this something you'd be interested in?

Let me know!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Catching Up!'s been a while, and during that time I learned that you need to be consistant in your blog posts. Yep, that is what the guest speaker, Michael Hyatt told us on the second day of the ACFW conference. Frequency isn't nearly as important.

BIG blog seems to the first task I let go when I'm under deadline. AND it's supposed to be a tool to encourage other authors who work full time out of their home while pursuing their writing career. So, now I'm brain storming on just when I should post and what those posts should be about. Hopefully, I'll come up with something better than if you're under deadline....let you blog posts go.

Besides meeting my October 1st book deadline, I've attended the ACFW Conference which was held in Dallas, TX this year. I focused on the marketing aspect of writing versus writing techniques. I also skipped a session and got to visit with Barbara Vey from Publisher's Weekly. A group of wonderful writer's and women, asked me to join their group blog, and I've agreed, so I'll have more on that in another post.

Last weekend I attended the South Dakota Festival of the Book. It was wonderful, as always. If you state holds a Festival of the Book, attend! In South Dakota most of the sessions are free, so it's like attending a free conference. This year I met a husband and wife writing team, Aimee & David Thurlo. They write mysteries and Harlequin Intrigue romances. Both of their sessions where spot on how publishing works, and what writer's need to do to publish. I briefly got to see my writing friends, Marilyn Kratz, Jane Heitman Healy, and Lori Walsh. It was a good day and restored my writing soul.

Currently, I'm working on a contracted short story for the publication, Standard. I like the story but I'm have trouble with the ending.

Here is a picture of me and my writing friends all dolled up for the Saturday night gala event.