Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Little Kiddles

This tiny dolls were great stocking stuffers! I forgot all about having the Cinderella, Storybook Kiddle until I was surfing the web for pictures. I have no idea what happened her but I do still have a Locket Kiddle and a Perfume Kiddle. For tiny dolls, they sure had a lot of hair!


  1. Too funny, Rose! Not only do I remember these toys, I even remember the advertising jingle! "Little Kiddles, Little Kiddles, we are all, very small"

  2. Rose--I have the perfume and locket Kiddles, too!!!!! I always wanted more, but I was too little, I guess--then the Dana Dolls (I think) came along--the thin dolls with their own records??? I always saved my Little Kiddles, though--and I have a Little Kiddle Tea Set, gift for my golden birthday (turned 6 years old on Dec. 6th)--THAT was VERY special!!!!

    Too fun--we could have got together for Little Kiddle parties, if our mothers would have allowed!! :-)

    This is fun--my brother had the Hot Wheels--sometimes the Little Kiddles and I got to join him....

    You're having fun with this theme, Rose!!

  3. Jane,

    I didn't remember the jingle until now!

  4. Caroline,

    I am having fun doing this!

    Those thin dolls are Flower something, and I still have one...but I don't remember the rest of the name.

    Glad you stopped by.

  5. I still have my Cinderella, but not her carriage. I also have Sleeping Beauty and her bed!