Friday, December 7, 2012

Board Games

I was a little older when Santa left these games under the Christmas tree. When he left games they were to both my sister, Donna and me. Guess he knew we needed to share! My sister was a huge fan of the campy Dark Shadows television show, but we both loved the Password game show. Our cousins would come to visit us and we'd play Password, re-enacting the game show on television. What were some of your favorite games as a child?


  1. This brought back fond memories, Rose. When I was very young, a favorite was "Uncle Wiggly". When a little older, I remember marathon games of "Monopoly" and always had fun with "Masterpiece" and "Scrabble".
    We still love to pull out a board game at family holiday get-togethers. We played "Life" at Thanksgiving. What a hoot!

  2. Anne,

    I have found memories of playing Life with one of my Uncles. He'd end up with so many children, his car wouldn't hold them!