Friday, November 2, 2012

Two days in...

How are all your NaNoWriMo contestants progressing? Still excited and crancking out the word count?

I'm deep in edits Wedding on the Rocks. Yes, that is the name of my new book that releases next year. After a couple of hours work on the changes tonight, I'm very happy with a changes I made in a scene. I think it will add more conflict. I hope my editor feels the same way!

When I get the manuscript edited and turned back, I'll be hitting the sample chapters of a historical WIP hard. My agent likes the story but had some suggestions, so I plan to implement them. I also learned something from my editor's suggestion about the hero/heroine meeting sooner in the story, so I'm revising my opening scene, starting at a different point. I think it will make the manuscript stronger.

How soon do you like the hero/heroine to meet? First page? First paragraph? First chapter?


  1. Depends on the story, but 1st chapter for sure. Looking forward to reading your new work, Rose!

  2. I'd guess the first chapter...but it does depend on the story. I'm sure your new book will be wonderful and I can't wait to read it!


  3. Thanks for sharing your opinion, ladies!

    It doesn't have to be the first page for me, but somewhere in the first chapter.