Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sorry, Readers!

Obviously, I just can't get it together to keep my blog up to date. However, I can give you updates on what has been keeping me from posting.

I had a short turn around time on edits for my May 2013 release, Wedding On The Rocks. At the same time I was finishing up sample chapters for my agents review. She thought they still needed work...and they did! Plus, I learned a couple of things from my edits, so I went back to work on the sample chapters. I'm happy to say, I've sent them back to my agent, and have my fingers crossed that they are ready to send on to the editor.

Other than technical difficulties, which translates to user error, I've been keeping up with my blog posting at www.inkspirationalmessages.com. Don't forget to visit our blog and leave a comment.
Right now we're talking about books on our Christmas list. If you could see my book shelves, you'd wonder why I needed more!

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