Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Catching Up!'s been a while, and during that time I learned that you need to be consistant in your blog posts. Yep, that is what the guest speaker, Michael Hyatt told us on the second day of the ACFW conference. Frequency isn't nearly as important.

BIG blog seems to the first task I let go when I'm under deadline. AND it's supposed to be a tool to encourage other authors who work full time out of their home while pursuing their writing career. So, now I'm brain storming on just when I should post and what those posts should be about. Hopefully, I'll come up with something better than if you're under deadline....let you blog posts go.

Besides meeting my October 1st book deadline, I've attended the ACFW Conference which was held in Dallas, TX this year. I focused on the marketing aspect of writing versus writing techniques. I also skipped a session and got to visit with Barbara Vey from Publisher's Weekly. A group of wonderful writer's and women, asked me to join their group blog, and I've agreed, so I'll have more on that in another post.

Last weekend I attended the South Dakota Festival of the Book. It was wonderful, as always. If you state holds a Festival of the Book, attend! In South Dakota most of the sessions are free, so it's like attending a free conference. This year I met a husband and wife writing team, Aimee & David Thurlo. They write mysteries and Harlequin Intrigue romances. Both of their sessions where spot on how publishing works, and what writer's need to do to publish. I briefly got to see my writing friends, Marilyn Kratz, Jane Heitman Healy, and Lori Walsh. It was a good day and restored my writing soul.

Currently, I'm working on a contracted short story for the publication, Standard. I like the story but I'm have trouble with the ending.

Here is a picture of me and my writing friends all dolled up for the Saturday night gala event.


  1. always you are inspiring and I know will agree! Glad you are able to attend these seminars, they are always very encouraging I'm sure!

    By the way you look 'lovely' !


  2. Great to see you at the SD Festival of the Book, Rose! Congrats on meeting your deadlines and best wishes in your writing success!

  3. Is Wedding on the Rocks going to be part of a series like your first three books were? I surely hope so!

    Susan Manchester
    Jacksonville, FL

  4. Susan,

    I'm hoping it will be a two book series, one contemporary, one historical with the same setting, Faith, SD.

    I'm glad you liked my quilt series.

    Thanks for dropping by.