Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I had a wonderful time and turn out for my writing presentation at the Sioux Falls Main Library branch last night.

I worried that I could fill two hours, and with questions, the presentation lasted an hour and forty five minutes! The group of thirty people who attended had WONDERFUL questions. They were also great about starting a dialogue with each other for further discussion of the questions and answers. And THAT is what helps writer's in every stage of their career...talking writing with other writer's!

I can't stress that enough! Writer's at any stage of their career can help other writers. Beginner's bring a fresh (read hopeful) outlook. A seasoned writer can answer questions about handling submissions, rejection and the wild ride of publishing. An established author not only shows other writer's that it can be done but can let them know that it's never an easy road to publication but it IS worth it!

Thanks to everyone who came out to listen to me last night and I hoped they picked up some tidbit that will help them in their writing!

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  1. It was great, Rose! So glad I could be there. I don't write romance, but the tips you gave can apply to all kinds of writing. You did a wonderful job--even giving of your time while you are on deadline!