Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Author Interview

Shari Barr is interviewing my on her blog tomorrow! Please join us at

I'm giving a way a copy of Job's Tears and Rose of Sharon. Here is a first time ever posting of the back cover blurb for Rose of Sharon!

Lil Hayes isn’t what Walt Sanders had in mind for his home care nurse. Spunky and outspoken, Lil is a formidable match for Vietnam vet Walt as he recovers from hip surgery. It’s clear Lil won’t back down when it comes to Walt’s care…and won’t keep from butting into his privacy and offering help where none is needed.

But Lil knows all that would be nothing if Walt knew the truth about her. As a young woman, Lil participated in antiwar rallies-protesting against soldiers just like Walt. Even though Lil lives with regrets, she wonders if she’s capable of handling Walt’s case professionally as she grown to love him-afraid the truth will cause Walt to reject her like another soldier from her past.

The two work through Walt’s recovery and begin to assemble a quilt block together to pass the time, but can two opposing souls find peace-and love-together?

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