Friday, July 6, 2012

Goals-A Bi-Yearly Review

I know, I'm a little late with this post. We are already six days into July. This should have been posted days ago! I have an excuse, I really do. I just can't share yet.

So, if you've been reading my blog, you KNOW I'm a huge supporter in setting goals to record your writing progress and give you forward movement. Plus they help you send "self imposed" deadlines, which gives you practice for REAL deadlines from publishers/editors.

Let's see how I'm doing.

I've completed three goals.

I put a proposal together targeted at the Love Finds You series of books and sent it to my agent, who in turn sent it to Summerside. It was rejected wonderful agent submitted it to another publisher.

I've answered manuscript calls and applied for work for hire. The work for hire, resulted in an audition chapter.

I entered free or low cost contests. This one I just completed in June. I won't know the results of those entries until fall.

One goal, I'll say is half completed. That was keeping my blog current. I try but I need to try harder!

Now, looking at the three remaining goals, I can tell you that one is started and the other two will not be started. As firm of a believer in goals as I am, I know that they do have to be adjusted. Especially, if you are making progress with your writing. My remaining writing year will be spent on the goal that is started and my current WIP.

Now, let's see what else has been keeping me busy.

In February, I spoke at a writing retreat.
In March, a non-fiction publisher contacted me about writing a pictorial history book. After much deliberation and prayer, I turned it down. See previous blog post!
In April, I was a co-presenter at a library speaking engagement with Mary Connealy. That is also the month, I was asked to submit an audition chapter.
In May, I received my author copies of Job's Tears. Guest blogged on Seekerville
In June, I have other happy writing news that I can't share just yet.

As you can see, my goals are paying off for. IF you are a writer and haven't set goals for 2012, you still have time!

If you set goals, leave me a comment and let know how you're doing!


  1. Congrats on all you have accomplished, Rose!

  2. Because I am a visual person, instead of just listing my goals on a piece of paper, I wrote each of them on an index card. When I complete each goal (short simple things such as write for one hour), I move that index card from one pile to the other. At the end of the week I go through the cards and can see that, yes, I wrote for a total of nine hours (each hour is one card), I made five new friends on a social network, I researched my book for an hour, etc. It helps me see that I am actually accomplishing something, even if it doesn't always seem like it at the time.

    1. Chris,

      That is a GREAT system. Sometimes when we're plugging away writing, we really don't realize all we are getting accomplished. That's why I review my monthly goals & everything to do with my writing at the end of each month.