Sunday, June 17, 2012


I haven't posted for a while...sorry about that. I visited the Morton Mansion in Nebraska City with the Iowa-Nebraska writer's group. I hoped to have pictures to share with everyone but I forgot my camera in the car...and not the car in the parking lot at the mansion. In the car parked in a mall parking lot. You can check a picture of it out at this link:

If you're ever in the vacinity, you should check it out.  Today, I toured the Peirce Mansion in Sioux City, Iowa. It used to housed their museum but is now being restored for public use, like weddings, reunions, etc. You can read about it here, it has an interesting past!

I've spent June working on contest entries. This is new to me because I enter very few but I had some short stories that I feel are strong and publishable, so I sent them out. I also entered Guidepost's Writer's Workshop contest. It has a fabulous prize. An all expense paid week to Port Orchard, OR. Of course, you are learning how to write for their publication, but still, it's a very nice prize. And did I mention that is where Debbie Macomber lives and she writes for Guideposts????

In a couple of weeks, we'll be half way through the year. I will recap my goals here, you and I, can see how I'm doing.

Stay cool.


  1. I entered the Guidepost's Writers Contest last week also. It would be fantastic to meet you in Oregon!

    1. It would be great! I'll say a prayer for your contest entry!

  2. Rose...small world, we had a lady (Helen's sister) here for the So Bottom's reunion from Port Orchard, OR! Hope you win some of those contests!


    1. Thanks, Gert.

      I really work like to write for Guideposts. It's a great publication.