Saturday, June 23, 2012


Feedback is an important, and never ending, part of a writer's life. There are several different types of feedback that writer's experience.

First, you get feedback from teachers, other writers, and critiquers. These suggestions or instruction are valuable all through a writer's career. Beginning writer's may learn the 'basics' from this group of people. Intermediate writer's may find incorporating this groups suggestions into their manuscripts help them produce a publishable piece. Season writer's like to grow, and try new techniques with their writing and this group is crucial in helping them meet that goal.

The second group of people who give you feedback are agents and editor's. You agent looks at your work through a new set of eyes and can find simple grammatical errors as well as dropped plot threads. All the things that need perfected before an editor sees your work. If you are lucky enough to get a comment from an editor on a rejection, it can be invaluable. They may tell you why your story isn't working OR it may just not fit their publishing needs but they ask you to send something else.

Readers are the third group of people that a writer's needs and WANTS feedback from. If you are a reader let the writer and editor know that you liked the book and why. Publishing is a business and if an editor gets enough good feedback from readers, that could help the writer to get another contract. As a writer it's very nice to hear that someone likes what took you months to produce, sequestered in your office, all the wondering...will anyone read or like this story!

So, readers if you've never written to your favorite author, via the publishers address in the front of the book, do so! They would LOVE to hear from you.


PS I received a lovely "anonomous" comment on one of my blogs posts from a reader about Job's Tears and she made my day. I'm hoping she reads this post to know how much I appreicated it.

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