Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What Are You Reading?

I ask this question from time to time on Facebook. It's an important marketing question that most writers should ask friends and collegues-even if they aren't the target audience you aim to please. Another good question to ask: Do they purchase their books or check them out from the library?

Why are these questions important? First, friends and family may be reading something that would interest you. You may find a new trend or genre in the publishing industry. Not only something you'd like to read but maybe try your hand at writing. Second, if a greater percentage of the people you ask, utilitize their library, you may want to target some of your marketing efforts toward libraries. Now, there seems to be no gray area on marketing to libraries, writers are either for it or against it. But I think they are a viable market as larger (and some smaller) libraries stock more than one of the same book and chances are if one of your books is frequently borrowed, a librarian will more than likely order your next book. Just something to think about....

I am currently reading two cozy mysteries. Buried in a Book by Lucy Arlington and Quick Step to Murder by Ella Barrick.

What are you reading?

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  1. Hi Rose... I'm still reading some of Gladys Tabers books which I have purchased! smile...