Saturday, March 10, 2012


Do you ever bemoan, 'nothing good ever happens to me'? I do! Most of the time I'm referring to my writing career. I see other writer's "making it" and think, why doesn't that happen to me...forgetting all my own writing accomplishments.

It's easy to measure ourselves by others, but it's not a realistic way to think. I have to admit since the first of the year, I was bemoaning that my writing career felt like I went one step forward and two steps back, then in one week's time, all of that changed!

The unfortunate thing is I can't really talk about some of it right now because nothing is finalized. I can reveal one thing, and this is something I encourage ALL writer's to do, answer work for hire calls. Recently, while perusing a conference website, I noted a children's editor is looking for writer's who are interested in work for hire. I met this editor last year and sat beside her at lunch, I'm not waiting until September to answer her need for writer's, I'm sending my credentials and interest to my agent who is contacting her next week. Then, in September, I will follow up this submission in person.

I almost didn't read the blurb about this editor, because I knew who she was and what she was seeking last year but I'm glad I did because 'Surprise', another avenue for my work. The other surprise, that I can't discuss yet, came as a total surprise to me!

Sometimes in life, surprises come to you, other times, you must find the surprise. Either way, they make your day!

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  1. Congrats, Rose, and I agree completely with responding to work for hire calls. Can't wait to hear the rest of your surprise!