Saturday, March 3, 2012


It's about time I posted my writing goals for the year 2012! So here they are:

Put together proposal targeted at the Love Finds You In line of books
Write "trick rider" historical targeted at Love Inspired line
Write chapel car historical targeted at Love Inspired line
Answer manuscript calls and apply for work for hire
Finish the second and third chapter of Casey Tibbs bio aimed at children and submit
Keep my blog current

I feel pretty good because I've already completed one goal, inquired on a work for hire post and committed to keeping my blog current.

In addition to writing goals, I set some personal goals this year too. I started two quilt projects and they both have to be completed by year end. I have several "local" museums that I plan to visit because none of them are more than an hour away from my home. Sometimes, it seems we miss the local treasures looking, thinking about or wishing we could visit a nationally known vacation sight. Do you ever do that? Bypass a local museum for something bigger, better and farther away?

1 comment:

  1. Oh Rose I so admire you! You're goals are within reach! Yes, our local museums are amazing & so many do overlook them!

    Blessings & hope you are having a good day!