Wednesday, October 19, 2011

They changed their minds!

So, lots has been going on for this writer with a day job since I last posted!

My publisher had a change of heart and decided to extend the Heartsong Presents line for six months longer. Now, that isn't good news to aspring writers but it was GREAT news for me and few other writer's who had one or two books of a three book series published with them because now....THEY ARE CONTRACTING US!

At the ACFW conference in September, they contacted their authors to let them know this. Since that time, I've signed contracts for both the second and third books and submitted the full on of the second book, Job's Tears.

Now, I'm busy writing the third book in the series, Rose of Sharon because I have very tight deadlines...this book is due on December 1st and I didn't have one word written on this manuscript when I received notice they'd be acquiring books two and three.

So far, I've written 21,000 words so half way there and I try to go back through the manuscript on the weekends and edit, so that will help cut my revision time.

AND I promise to be more proactive here, although I've decided I won't be making daily posts anymore and I do want to get back to tips and exercises for writer's with a day job!

Speaking of's time to go!