Sunday, August 7, 2011

Just when you think you've made it....

your publisher closes the book line that you were writng for! Sigh. Not only am I bummed that I pitched Lily of the Field as a three book series but I had other series books planned to propose to this publisher. So....back to the old drawing board for me.

I have the second book written and because, I'd corresponded with my editor and it looked like all systems go for the second was polished and ready for send off. Then came the closing announcement and my editor lost her job. BIGGER SIGH. Right now I'm glad that I hadn't started the third book because I'm very doubltful that another publisher will want to pick up the last two books in a series started by another publisher.

Can I rework any of my ideas to propose to another publisher? Sure and I will but since Heartsong Presents were shorter word count and my next series idea was historical I'll have to rework the plot or add a subplot to get the books long enough. OR if Barbour opens up submissions for four in one novella's again...I'll have pare down the plot and think of another story idea to pitch.

So, if any of you writers or readers thought the name of this blog was self-defeating....this new twist in the inspirational publishing world just reiterates why until you're very established...don't quit the day job!