Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Yep, I changed the name from NaNoWriMo to OcNoWriMo since I wrote and finished the rough draft of the third book in my series in October. October was my MONTH to write a book in month.

So, I started on the first of October and finished on October 31st and logged 44,500 words on my novel. Now, I know November is designated for 50K but since that is the maximum amount of words for the publisher I write for I shot for 45K so when I revise I have wiggle room!

I tried for a 1000 words a day and most days I hit that number and then some. I did write everyday too and of course, logged more words on the weekends. So, I averaged about 1300 words per day.

Since I do have a day job, there were days that I really didn't want to write but did anyway. There were nights I stayed up later than my normal bedtime to reach my word count goals.

I played "tricks" on the weekend to increase my word count goal. If I could write a 1000 words in one hour, I could stop and do something fun or relaxing for an hour, then I repeated and it worked!

Good luck to all the writer's out there participating in NaNoWriMo this month, I hope you reach your word count goals and end up with a rough draft that ready's to polish into a book!

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