Friday, November 4, 2011

Describe this!

Here is a picture of a beautful example of fall. Or at least I think so. It's a tree in the corner of a parking lot at USD. I get to see it every day and thought I'd share it and give any one who wants to a fun writing assignment:

Describe this treein one sentence without using the color RED in the description!

Here are a couple that I came up with.

The tree's leaves blazed like a sunset across the horizon.

The fall sun and shape of the tree turned the leaves into a flaming torch brigtening the crisp fall day.

Okay...I didn't say there were good! Your turn!

PS My blog won't let me make comments anymore so until I figure that out...sorry I can't comment back.



  1. Pretty as a Christmas tree without the presents!

  2. With its majesty the tree awaits the fall season to arrive knowing its leaves will soon turn into a glory of crimson color for all to enjoy!


  3. The tree donned its prettiest fall dress, ready to dance in the wind.