Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Can you believe it? In 30 more days a quarter of the year is up! So, that means that I have 30 more days to make sure I'm heading in the right direction to meet my yearly goals by the end of 2011. I can tell you that means more disipline on my end. No more wasting valuable writing time.

Although I feel that I haven't made much progress with my writing career so far this year, I actually have. AND that's why it's so important to set monthly goals, keep track of your monthly activity and REVIEW it. Where I haven't met some of my goals, I have queried a couple of agents and received a request for a full proposal and I worked with three other writers and submitted a proposal for a novella collection. Not to mention I've done some marketing for my book that released in January.

So if you feel like you're spinning your wheels write down some of the things that you have accomplished since January 1st and you may be surprised just how much progress you've made!

PS Monday's post was pre-empted by a stage production of the Wizard of Oz. The perfect event for this writer to recharge her batteries.

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  1. I can't believe the year is going by so fast! Your posts and discipline inspire me to persevere. Thanks, Rose! Keep writing!