Monday, March 21, 2011

A First!

Today, I received a packet from my publishing house. It contained copies of a newsletter with my interview in it. I'd actually forgotten that I'd filled out that interview questioner!

It had one feedback form from the back of the book. I'd hoped for more as in the "give aways" I made had a note asking people to please complete and return them. Although one person that won a book did post a GREAT review on

AND the biggie....a note from a fan....YEP...I received my first fan mail!!!! It's a cute note card that I will cherish forever!

So, if you read a book and really enjoy it, drop the author a line. They really do appreciate it!


  1. Good for you, Rose! It's great to know that your hard work is appreciated and uplifting to others!

  2. Oh Rose it was such a wonderful book!! I loved it!!!! You are so gifted!!!!