Monday, February 21, 2011

Proposal Off

I did meet my self-imposed deadline for the proposal packet that the interested agent requested. I mailed it priority on Saturday so hopefully she'll have it tomorrow. But long will it take for her to review and decide? Thirty days? Sixty days? THAT little bit of info is never in the submission instructions.

To pass the time I've decided that I should be polishing up a proposal and three chapters of another book that I have sitting in my computer files that I listed in my cover to show the agent that I have other book ideas in the works. So, in the event that she'd want to see it...I want to have it ready to go! The market I'm targeting for this book, only takes agented submissions, which is one reason I'm looking for agent.

So many writer's on the fence about having an agent. Recently, a writer asked me why I needed an agent because I seem to be doing well on my own. But then I explained that most publishing houses are closed to unsolitcited manuscripts and she could see my point. So that's why this year I'm really focusing on finding an agent.

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