Thursday, January 13, 2011

Woo Boy....

It's fun to have an anthology idea and have an editor say I'm interested in seeing a proposal. It's fun to start contacting authors to see if they're interested in teaming up with you. Until, you have to disappoint someone who really wanted to help write the anthology.

That was part of my day today. Although everyone I had to turn down was very gracious, I knew some were disappointed and I know how that feels. I tried to be very professional in my response even though it was hard to put a positive spin on the disappointing news. But I responded to all the people who contacted me, even though delivering bad news is an unpleasant task because they are writers and people and deserve respect. And tonight, I'm saying a prayer for those writer's who contacted me and asking God to bless their writing and writing opportunities.

Now, I have an idea of how editor's feel....

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  1. Oh Rose you are so gracious... bless you for your concern of others..